Energy Recovery without Hazardous By-Products

Who is Vadxx?

Vadxx is a high tech, recycling company that converts recyclable and non-recyclable plastic into higher value energy products. Vadxx’s technology offers an approach that captures the energy embedded in plastics and returns it to a useful form for society, while realizing environmental and social benefits. This conversion process is a valuable alternative for overflowing landfills as well as reducing demand for foreign energy.

How does Vadxx’s plastic to energy process work?

Vadxx’s proven technology, which produces no hazardous by-products, continuously converts plastic waste to valuable energy products by cooking, cleaning, and cooling the plastic in a closed and controlled system. The Vadxx proprietary process is run in proven, off-the shelf equipment such as an extruder, boiler, condensers, and closed piping.

What is the environmental impact from a facility?

Each Vadxx facility is expected to divert 40,000,000 pounds of plastic waste from landfills and incinerators and convert it back in to the same energy from which it was created. The energy created therefore does not have to be drilled. In a world where the price of energy is increasing, the layer of smog is thickening, and the landfills are growing lager, it is this type of technology that can benefit the global environment.

Are there byproducts created from the process?

Our goal at Vadxx is to completely eliminate waste from the process, recycling more incoming material to sellable energy products and diverting more waste from the landfills. There are no hazardous byproducts created from the process. On average about 10 pounds of waste plastic creates 1 gallon of liquid energy products, 2 pounds of fuel gas and 1 pound of inert char.

The oil product is delivered to liquid terminals of fuel blenders and wholesale marketers. The product will be a blending component that will be added to the overall stock of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and distillate fuels blended with diesel for on-road use.

The fuel gas byproduct is used to provide over 80% of the heat needed for the vessel that melts the plastic. This is much more environmentally and economically friendly than the traditional means most companies handle their fuel gas, which is simply to flare it off. In fact our recycling of the fuel gas creates about the same amount of energy as a 1.5MW wind turbine.

The inert char is continuously discharged and cooled before being stored for shipment to customers in need of a solid fuel or it can be landfilled as a non-hazardous waste.

Will there be emissions from the facility?

The system’s design utilizes one common exhaust system that manages the hot air produced by all of the processing units, while one state-of-the-art wet scrubber ensures that the system meets the most stringent air quality requirements. Regardless of the mix of plastics used, there will be a small amount of nearly clear, odorless emissions from the facility – no more than what would be generated by a large building boiler over the course of a year. The Ohio EPA has issued a final permit for the plastics-to-energy facility, which it has designated as a true minor emitter, the agency’s lowest possible emissions rating

How many jobs will be created at the facility?

The facility is expected to add 20 new, well-paying jobs with full benefits. There are also numerous indirect positions that we expect are created from maintaining and servicing the equipment and facility, as well as, transportation of incoming and outgoing materials.

What impact to surrounding neighbors does a facility create?

The impact to the surrounding uses from such elements as noise, glare, odor, fumes and vibration is negligible. There is no significant glare or vibration resultant from any on-site activities. Processing operations occur within the building with the most significant contribution to noise provided by truck traffic moving in and out of the facility. The anticipated traffic will be about 6 to 12 trucks per day within the 24-hour operation window.

How can I get involved as a potential future employee?

Once the first facility construction is completed we will be looking for dedicated employees with a passion for our vision to make a positive impact to the world by reducing landfills and providing an alternative to imported energy products. All of our positions require the ability to juggle multiple priorities, take initiative, work as a team and, most importantly, continuously focus on safety and quality in the workplace. Check back again for a “Careers” page listing open positions.

How can I get involved as a provider of waste plastic?

Click on “Contact Vadxx” to learn more about the process to become qualified as a Vadxx feedstock provider.