Environmental Sustainability

vadxx-environmental-sustainability-secondary-image-plastic-pollutionPlastics Recycling for Environmental Sustainability

Vadxx promotes environmental sustainability through our efforts of converting recyclable and non-recyclable plastic waste to energy products. By creating a market for plastic waste, Vadxx helps reduce the amount of plastic being landfilled and, more importantly, prevents it from leaking into our water supply.

Since plastics are derived from hydrocarbons they have a high energy content that can be converted to crude oil and fuels, synthetic gas and other products.

Each Vadxx facility is expected to divert 40,000,000 pounds of waste plastic each year from landfills, incinerators and from polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans by converting it into 4,000,000 gallons of EcoFuel. No hazardous byproducts are created from this process.

Vadxx’s modular design allows people around the world to share the benefits of a cleaner environment through the conversion of waste plastic to alternative fuels and green energy products.

Vadxx disruptive technology IMG_8362
Disruptive Technology

Vadxx has developed a disruptive technology that produces clean, sustainable energy by converting plastic waste from consumer, industrial and agricultural waste streams to fuel and energy products.