The Plastic Recycling Company

Vadxx’s plastic recycling technology reverses the plastic creation process, providing renewable energy that reduces plastic leaking into oceans and fresh water supplies.

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There is a growing plastic waste problem. The United States generated 31 million tons of plastic waste in 2010 according to a report published in November 2011 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The rate of plastics recovered for recycling is very low at about 8% or 2.4 million tons of all plastic waste generated. This results in 92% of all plastic waste heading to landfills, where it takes over 1,000 years to decompose or is burned in incinerators that release hazardous emissions.

Vadxx is the plastic recycling solution. Vadxx provides an energy recovery option that is better for the environment than landfilling or incinerating plastic waste. And each Vadxx unit will help create a local ecosystem of new, well-paying jobs that create green energy.

The Vadxx Advantage:

  • Plastic waste conversion to economic fuels and energy
  • Continuous non-batch process
  • No hazardous byproducts
  • High yield conversion of plastics to energy products
  • Gas byproduct used as fuel in the conversion process
  • Scalable, decentralized plants to meet end user requirements
  • Licensing and owner developer options
  • Modular design

Vadxx’s sustainable process provides economic and environmental benefits for industry, communities and government organizations. Vadxx is a true disruptive technology capable of a triple bottom line impact.

Environmental Sustainability
Economic Impact
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