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A New Sustainable Energy Technology Converts Plastic to Fuel

Vadxx has developed a disruptive technology that produces clean, sustainable energy by converting plastic waste from consumer, industrial and agricultural waste streams to fuel and energy products.

Vadxx disruptive techology secondary image garbage-patch1Vadxx’s energy recovery technology converts plastic waste into a valuable commodity and creates a source of renewable energy from a plentiful feedstock. By creating a market for waste plastic, Vadxx’s technology has the potential to end plastic landfilling and the contamination of the earth’s oceans and fresh water sources.

Our thermal de-polymerization technology recycles a wide range of plastic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner to manufacture EcoFuel-I™ (diesel oil),EcoFuel-II™ (naphtha), EcoFuel-SNG™ (synthetic gas) and EcoFuel-S™ (solid carbon based fuel). This disruptive innovation eliminates hazardous by-products while also delivering a financial profit even in low-cost energy markets.

Vadxx is a true disruptive technology capable of a triple bottom line impact.

Check Out A Short Video Of Our Process.


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