Purchase a VADXX Unit

Convert Plastic Waste to Clean Energy Onsite

Vadxx Energy’s proprietary thermal de-polymerization technology achieves an efficient, continuous energy recovery process with relatively low upfront investment and operating costs. Key processing parameters such as time and temperature are constantly controlled within a closed system ensuring the elimination of hazardous by-products while also delivering a financial profit in low-cost energy markets.

Vadxx’s energy recovery technology is the perfect solution for plastic waste producers, municipalities, waste disposal and plastic waste recycling companies to convert waste plastic to clean energy onsite at their facilities.

Our technology recycles a wide range of plastic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner to manufacture diesel oil, naphtha, syngas and carbon solids.

From planning to production, our team provides the know-how to ensure that Vadxx’s technology adds the most value to our customer’s business.

Benefits of purchasing a Vadxx processor:

  • Reduces disposal costs of plastic waste
  • Incurs low upfront investment and operating costs
  • Produces lower cost, cleaner burning EcoFuels™ for use or resale
  • Diverts plastic waste from landfills, water sources and incinerators
  • Aligns with green initiatives

Vadxx’s modular technology allows communities around the world to benefit from the conversion of waste plastic to clean energy products.

To learn more about purchasing a Vadxx processor, contact us today.



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