Plastic to EcoFuel


Green Technology Produces EcoFuel™   from Plastic Waste

Vadxx provides an economic energy recovery option that benefits the environment by converting plastic waste into a valuable commodity and creating renewable energy from a plentiful, environmentally positive source.

Our proprietary green technology continuously converts waste plastic to diesel oil, naphtha, syngas and other sustainable energy products without producing hazardous by-products.

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), part of the U.S. Department of Energy, released the following findings on May 16, 2017. Follow the link below to see what they’re saying about plastics-to-fuel and the significant energy and environmental benefits of this technology.

U.S. Government Laboratory Determines Plastics-to-Fuel Technology Helps Reduce GHG Emissions, Save Water, and Conserve Traditional Fuels

Akron (Ohio) Plant in Operation

Take a brief tour of our first plant in full operation.

From plastic waste to EcoFuel, Vadxx is making green energy a reality.

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